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The path of welded precision tubes begins with welding of steel strips. In the 1960s, high-frequency welding emerged as an alternative to the low-frequency electric resistance welding process. Since then, this welding technology continuously gained the market and offers a number of advantages. High frequency welding (often abbreviated HF) is a manufacturing process in which two parts are welded together using an electromagnetic field. With the help of a high-frequency electromagnetic field, the material is heated and the pressure ensures the connection of two plastic parts of steel strip. During cooling (under constant pressure) the materials come together resulting in a weld, the very strong bond between the two parts.

The next step is calibration that help to ensure dimensional accuracy. The manufactured tube met the requirements of the EN 10305-3 standard. The Hungarian company TomFerr, which is part of our group, processes steel coils by dividing them into strips, from which it produces calibrated welded tubes that runs on its own equipment.

In the following lines, we list the basic factors that play a key role in providing quality products:

Modern equipment for welding: Tom-Ferr has invested in the latest welding technology, which allows it to achieve precision and reliability in the production of calibrated tubes. The line is designed to effectively use different steel grades and to ensure the quality of the products.

Long-term experience with automotive customers: Both our companies is operating across Europe, with many years of experience cooperating with renowned customers in the automotive industry for years. Our long-standing relationships provide us with valuable knowledge about the client’s specific requirements and standards, thanks to which we can adapt to all needs and circumstances.

Own production of the input semi-finished product for the production of calibrated tubes: Our own line for cutting sheet metal from coils is designed to control the production from the beginning to the end which guarantees the stability of calibrated tubes quality.

Cold drawing is carried out to further improve the dimensional characteristics. The tubes are processed at facilities in Železiarne Podbrezová. The cold drawing on drawing benches and subsequent heat treatment are applied. The pickling of the tubes, which is done before the drawing itself, ensures the removal of impurities from the surface of the tubes and helps to achieve a smooth surface after processing. After drawing, the tubes are annealed, which contributes to increased strength and durability.

These processes ensure improved mechanical properties, the tubes meet the requirements of EN 10305-2 and are ready for many applications.

Long-term cooperation between our two companies is a key element that allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. Our close proximity gives us the ability quickly and easy access to resources while minimizing time and costs associated with the movement of goods. Cost optimization is one of the pillars and allows us to achieve competitive prices without intermediaries while maintaining a high standard of quality.

The quality management system is applied to the entire production chain: Our companies have implemented quality management system to monitor and evaluate all production process. This approach allows us to identify and resolve any potential issues in a timely manner and ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Application of precision cold drawn welded steel tubes – EN 10305-2 are determined by their technical characteristics:

• accuracy of inner and outer diameters
• accuracy of wall thickness tolerances
• smooth surfaces related to the production process
• low eccentricity of tube diameter

The entire production process is certified according to IATF quality management. Production takes place with respect to the environment, while paying attention to sustainable practices and seeking minimization of environmental impacts. Thanks to the cooperation of related companies within one group, ŽP Group, the process is optimized and productivity is increased, which contributes to the efficiency and competitiveness of the entire production process.

Precision cold drawn welded steel tubes are manufactured using a precise process and meeting strict standards. The tubes have proven their versatility across the spectrum of industries. From automotive and hydraulic systems to shipbuildingtransportation and power generation, these tubes play a key role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of a variety of applications including those in the precision engineering, thus assuring you of great safety in our interconnected world.

Article written by:

Železiarne Podbrezová

Železiarne Podbrezová

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