Pipex Italia is able to supply and provide a wide range of high-quality steel tubes and products for the AUTOMOTIVE industry.

Pipex Italia supplies a wide range of precision tubes and products for various applications in powertrain systems, fluid handling systems, drive and steering system and several other field of applications.

Our portfolio also includes tubes for the manufacturing of fuel rails as well as semi-finished state-of-the-art fuel rails in stainless steel for high-pressure applications.

As a long-time partner and supplier of steel products for the automotive industry, we offer our clients high quality and process know-how as well as product expertise. Furthermore, our fully integrated manufacturing process and worldwide presence allows us to be a strategic partner and supplier for the needs of this industry.

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Automotive: product portfolio

Car Components

These semi-finished products are focused on fluid handling components related to powertrain and chassis systems. As a result, we provide chassis and other semi-finished car components that find various applications, for example in:

  • Power train systems
  • Fluid handling systems
  • Drive and steering systems

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Cold Drawn – Precision Seamless Steel Tubes

We offer a wide range of precision steel tubes for the automotive industry. In fact, our steel plant allows us to offer customized steel grades. These tubes can be used for:

  • MagneRide control suspension system
  • Balancing shaft
  • CV joints
  • Steering column

Precision seamless steel tubes

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Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes

We provide seamless stainless steel tubes in a wide range of sizes and materials. For example:

  • GDI fuel manifold
  • GDI fuel lines
  • Cooling lines

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