Pipex Italia is able to supply and provide a wide range of high-qualiy steel tubes and products for MECHANICAL and INDUSTRIAL application

Pipex Italia can supply a wide range of products that find their final use in mechanical and industrial application. Our product portfolio includes, among other products, seamless hot finished and cold drawn precision steel tubes for mechanical and general engineering applications, hot rolled and peeled bars as well as continuous billets and blooms in different grades and sizes.

Our long experience and integrated production processes allow us to offer products that meet the most severe market requirement and allow longer product life.

In addition, for many years our Group has specialized in the production and distribution of tubes for any kind of pneumatic and hydraulic application in the yellow machinery industry, including carbon steel, carbon steel galvanized and stainless steel hydraulic line tubes.

Mechanical and Industrial application: product portfolio

Precision Steel Tubes

Precision seamless steel tubes are designed for various areas of industry.

  • Diameter from 3 to 125 mm
  • Wall thickness from 0.5 to 13 mm

Precision seamless steel tubes for mechanical machining- HPZ type

Precision seamless tubes machined to “ready to use”- HP type

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Round Bars

Round steel bars are used in the forging, machining, and hydraulic cylinder industrial sectors.

Round steel bars can be supplied as:

  • Hot rolled
  • Peeled

Round steel bars range:

  • Hot rolled: diameter from 22 to 120 mm
  • Peeled: diameter from 32 to 115 mm

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Billets can be supplied in:

  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel


  • Square: from 105 to 280 mm
  • Round: from 150 to 280 mm

Continuous casting billets

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Mechanical Seamless Tubes

Mechanical seamless tubes are normally produced according to multiple specifications. This makes it possible for the same tube to be used not only for mechanical but also for structural or pressure purposes.

Mechanical seamless tubes

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