Corporate Social Responsibility

Pipex supports many initiatives that have a positive impact on our community and the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is in fact addressed to strengthen our social and environmental commitment. Above all, we hold up to the territory we work and live in by helping in times of difficulty. Specifically, in this pandemic period we increased our investments towards our stakeholders’ wellbeing: customers, suppliers, partners as well as employees and their families. Finally, we always take into consideration our care about the environment and our green vision.

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A roadmap toward Net Zero by 2050

A large number of nations and companies are expressing their intention or commitment to achieve climate neutrality within a few decades. The awareness of the risks associated with inaction with respect to climate change is supporting this drive. Moreover, there is a clear trend in the market to privilege and valorise products and services that…

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A Steem for Steel 2021

From dirty and tiring to innovative and profitable: the perception of young students- involved in the second edition of A Steem for Steel- is changing The second edition of ‘A Steem For Steel’ has come to an end. It was a successful initiative that involved over 1,200 secondary school students. This year, the initiative, born…

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The second edition of ‘A STEEM FOR STEEL’ begins

Let’s welcome again the educational initiative to get students to approach the working opportunities, the sustainable aspects in the steel world and STEEM studies. As the very first alliance between school and work in the field, this project was conceived by Marcegaglia Onlus Foundation and has been sponsored by 4 big companies of the steel…

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The path to Green Steel production

By 2050, the European Union will become climate neutral. This is the long-term vision of the European Commission, it is the goal that single nations are going to set for themselves and the purpose we are embracing as citizens. The way to achieve this objective will be difficult and will radically change our society. Therefore,…

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The 3S: Sports, School and Students

Pipex and Železiarne Podbrezová deeply care and commit to the wellbeing of their employees, people and the community overall. As a matter of fact we promote many social initiatives and strongly believe in the 3S: Sports, Schools and Students that play a fundamental role in our corporate life. Furthermore, Pipex is always proud and honored of promoting social initiatives that improve the well-being of the entire community.

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