Relamping: consumption reduced by 60% thanks to LEDs

Energy efficiency is, quoting the IEA (International Energy Agency), the “first fuel” to be used in the ecological transition. It is in fact a rapid implementation and highly effective tool to be adopted on a large and small scale.

Thus, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the activities at our Italian warehouse in Bagnatica, we carried out a relamping intervention which involved both internal and external lighting.

relamping, led

Relamping consists in replacing old generation lamps (halogen, incandescent or neon) with modern LED lamps.

Thanks to the intervention carried out, it is estimated a reduction in electricity consumption related to lighting by over 60%.

Together with the energy benefits, an improvement in luminous efficiency and visual comfort has also been achieved, which will allow our team to carry out their work easily and safely.

In 2016 Pipex Italia had already started the transition to LED lighting in all offices. With this last intervention, the work was thus completed.

Article written by

Luca Orefici

Luca Orefici

Green Manager

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