Our first Sustainability Report: a tangible commitment and a statement of intent that will guide our future actions

It is with great pride that we present our first Sustainability Report. On this special occasion, we would like to share the letter from our CEO, Luigi Cuzzolin, dedicated to all those who represent a fundamental value for our company. His testimony reflects our commitment to a sustainable future and our gratitude for the support and interest shown towards our mission.

Dear Stakeholders,

2022 has been a year of significant challenges for numerous companies, stemming from the new and severe economic crisis resulting from increases in energy prices and a shortage of raw materials, connected to the conflict in Ukraine. In the global context, the climate crisis has also gained relevance, imposing the urgent need to actualize the ecological transition, moving from intention to action.

In an era where steel, a fundamental pillar of the economy, has a high environmental footprint, we are committed to reducing it.

  • To realize our commitment in the climate emergency, we look forward with determination, investing in decarbonization and steel innovation through Pipex Energy, our spin-off founded in 2021 to preserve our planet through innovation.
  • Through collaborations with the academic world, we have conducted research and development activities to introduce innovative solutions in steel production, applying principles of circularity and innovation.
  • We are proud of our involvement with prestigious partners in constructing the European hydrogen transportation network, representing a significant step towards global decarbonization goals.

In our vision, corporate social responsibility is essential.

  • In Pipex Italia, we are consistently committed to engaging young people, recognizing the importance of generational succession preparation in the steel industry.
  • We support initiatives with a positive impact on the community, contributing to initiatives of the Municipality of Arona (Novara – Italy) for the promotion of local tourism.
  • We have maintained our commitment to promoting Italy-Slovakia relations. In my role as the Honorary Consul General of Slovakia, I am consistently committed to supporting the management of relations between Italian and Slovak companies, for the development of citizen services and the promotion of cultural and artistic events.

The brilliant results achieved in 2022 and in our first 30 years of history are the result of the dedication and contribution of the people of Pipex Italia, true engines of our growth, and I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank them.

We are aware that there is still much to be done, and this document is a tangible testament to our continuous commitment to improving and perfecting our sustainability. We are committed to evolving constantly, seeking new sustainable solutions and practices to address the environmental and social challenges that surround us. This is not just a formal commitment but a declaration of intent that will guide our future actions.

Happy reading,

Luigi Cuzzolin

CEO Pipex Italia

Pipex Italia Sustainability Report