Product Carbon Footprint – billets

The development of new economic models focused on environmental sustainability is a theme that has become central in commercial relations. The steel world in particular is today engaged in a transformation aimed at the production of an increasingly sustainable steel. An essential starting point for any initiative is the mapping of one’s own emissions. Both … Continued

ZP builds the largest photovoltaic power plant in Slovakia

The largest photovoltaic power plant in Slovakia will be built on the roofs of our production halls. The current energy crisis is one of the most discussed topics today. The rising energy prices, raise concerns about their impact on economy for the coming years. The search for alternative sources, while addressing climate change threat, is … Continued

Luigi Cuzzolin – new opportunities and initiatives

“2022 is a very positive year that should close, except for a total stop of the gas and therefore inactivity of the steel plant, with very interesting numbers” These are the words of our CEO Luigi Cuzzolin during the Siderweb interview. In addition to the opportunities that the energy crisis has opened up for seamless … Continued

Hot Briquetted Iron: trials in progress

Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is one of the priorities of the steel industry in the world. One of the fastest decarbonisation option is to switch steel production from conventional converters to electric arc furnaces. This will involve the increase of scrap demand and the potential scarcity of such valuable raw material. Železiarne Podbrezová (ZP) … Continued

Conflict and expensive energy: interview with Luigi Cuzzolin

The impacts of the conflict on the steel industry and possible solutions to expensive energy including hydrogen for which Pipex Italia, Snam and Corinth Pipeworks have collaborated and already built thousands of km of pipeline for its transport. These are the issues addressed in March on Siderweb TV. Our CEO Luigi Cuzzolin then made more … Continued

Zeleziarne Podbrezova reached the record number of heats

Since its establishment in 1840, the steel mill of Železiarne Podbrezová has been characterized by the fast technology development, precision production and the high-quality standard of the final products. Over the years several significant milestones have been reached. If we look at modern history, the first automated control system was introduced in the eighties of … Continued

The path to Green Steel production

By 2050, the European Union will become climate neutral. This is the long-term vision of the European Commission, it is the goal that single nations are going to set for themselves and the purpose we are embracing as citizens. The way to achieve this objective will be difficult and will radically change our society. Therefore, … Continued