Pipex Italia activates its “Green Roof”

Pipex Italia is making significant strides in its sustainability mission with the activation of its new photovoltaic plant. Located on the roof of our warehouse in Bagnatica (BG), this 100 kWp plant represents a notable advancement towards energy self-sufficiency. The 214 solar panels, each with a power output of 470W, cover an area of 462m², allowing us to generate a significant amount of clean energy.

The choice of hybrid inverters is intentional: these devices not only optimize the immediate use of the energy produced, but they are also ready to be integrated with future battery storage solutions. This will allow us to maximize self-consumption and further reduce our dependence on the electrical grid. The panel configuration has been meticulously designed to make the best use of the available roof space, leaving room for potential future expansions in response to increased consumption.

Pannelli fotovoltaici Bagnatica

In fact, we plan not only to expand our warehouse but also to install new charging stations for electric vehicles, another key element of our commitment to more sustainable mobility. These charging stations will support our company fleet and offer an additional service to our customers and partners, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.

In an increasingly energy-transition-oriented European context, Pipex Italia is not just following trends but aims to be a virtuous example. Our determination to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices is strong and clear. We are aware of the challenges ahead, but we are ready to tackle them with innovative solutions and a constant commitment to continuous improvement.

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 Marketing & Communication Department

Marketing & Communication Department

Pipex Italia

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