Pipex Energy: behind the teacher’s desk at the Politecnico di Milano

Decarbonization is a central subject in the steel world just hence, training of young resources will be absolutely essential for the achievement of an epochal industrial transformation.

It was therefore an honour and a great opportunity for Pipex Energy to hold a seminar on 28th November at the Politecnico di Milano entitled “Biochar: a solution for metallurgical industry decarbonization“.

The lesson, addressed to the students of “Materials Engineering Recycling and Environmental Impact” course of Politecnico University, one of the most prestigious Italian technical Universities, has given Mr. Luca Orefici – CEO of Pipex Energy – the chance to describe the opportunity to use biochar as a decarbonization tool, highlighting both the advantages and the problems to be solved before the effective application of this material.

We believe, in fact, that a close collaboration between university and the industry is needed to ensure that new generations of technicians will be able to approach the world of labour with the correct skills but also to solve the decades-old problem of the steel sector’s lack of attractiveness to young people.

The world of steel is in fact determined to continue faster and faster with decarbonization process, investing in new technologies and deep conversion of its assets. All these aspects, therefore, need to be explained to the “technicians of tomorrow” so that they can appreciate the beauty of our sector as well as the professional satisfactions that can be achieved for those motivated enough to embrace the great challenges now featuring the metallurgical industry. This is crucial not only for the sake of our business but, considering the importance of steel in everyday’ s life, for the ecological transition as a whole.

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 Marketing & Communication Department

Marketing & Communication Department

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