The importance of really getting to know a business partner through a visit to the plant. I.S.A.C.’s story on the visit to Železiarne Podbrezová

Pipex and Železiarne Podbrezová are committed to maintaining excellent relationships with their commercial partners, and this is demonstrated by the fact that we often host our customers at our steel plant in Slovakia. We do this not only to show them how we produce the products they purchase, but also to highlight the identity values that distinguish our way of working.

Recently, we hosted a customer of ours to whom we sell billets: the company in question is I.S.A.C. S.r.l., which specializes in producing forgings through hot stamping of carbon or alloy steel.

We are pleased to share this news with you because they themselves wanted to communicate it to their customers and report it on all their communication channels.

The publication is available on their website at this link.

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 Marketing & Communication Department

Marketing & Communication Department

Pipex Italia

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