Železiarne Podbrezová Foundation took part in the Brezno hospital restoration

Železiarne Podbrezová already has a long tradition of supporting the Horehronie region (Upper Hron River region) through sponsorship, contributions and donations. Since 2000, this activity has been taken over by the Železiarne Podbrezová Foundation, which mainly focuses on the social sphere, but also education, healthcare, sports and culture. The ŽP Foundation is one of the few organizations to be involved in supporting our region. Most recently, the Foundation has helped to renovate the hospital in Brezno – specifically the obstetrics-gynecological departments and neonatal unit.

ŽP Foundation has been helping the Brezno hospital for many years. Its aid is targeted at the equipment modernization as well as at medical care for hospitalized patients. On a regular basis, the foundation contributes to the purchase of new equipment or the routine maintenance of the hospital. In 2023, it also helped to enhance comfort of babies and their mothers.

Reconstruction of the hospital in the ordinary course of work progresses

The reconstruction of the hospital in Brezno has progressed as part of the regular workflow to ensure its importance and irreplaceability in the Horehronie region. For this reason, the reconstruction was divided into phases to maintain healthcare efficiency for patients. Examination rooms, ambulances and operating rooms were reconstructed and replenished. This was followed by the reconstruction of the staff room and about-standard rooms for patients.

Today, the hospital boasts modern medical facilities that prioritize high standards, comfort, and privacy for new mothers. The hospital places great emphasis on delivering high-quality care to both mother and child and tries to accommodate patients´ needs to have the best possible memories of their special days.

As a result, the hospital in Brezno has garnered high praise from mothers across the region and throughout Slovakia.

The news at neonatal wards

The gynecology-maternity and neonatal wards can also boast of innovations. The examination room and the new-born box were renovated. The floor and sanitary facilities were replaced, the premises were painted and new tiling was done. Medicine cabinets, medical tables, baby changing tables and containers were purchased.

Among other things, the renovation results in greater convenience not only for the staff, but also quality health care for new-borns and mothers.

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Železiarne Podbrezová

Železiarne Podbrezová

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