The importance of really getting to know a business partner through a visit to the plant. I.S.A.C.’s story on the visit to ZP

Pipex and Železiarne Podbrezová are committed to maintaining excellent relationships with their commercial partners, and this is demonstrated by the fact that we often host our customers at our steel plant in Slovakia. We do this not only to show them how we produce the products they purchase, but also to highlight the identity values … Continued

Pipex Energy: behind the teacher’s desk at Polimi

Decarbonization is a central subject in the steel sector and the training of young resources will be essential for the achievement of an epochal industrial transformation. It was therefore an honour and a great opportunity for Pipex Energy to hold a seminar on 28th November at the Politecnico di Milano entitled “Biochar: a solution for … Continued

Železiarne Podbrezová Product Portfolio

Like every year, Železiarne Podbrezová offers us the updated version of the Product Portfolio. In the manual you will find the technical specifications of the steel tubes and tubular semi-finished products produced by our parent company and a brief overview of the standardization (EN, ASTM, ASME, etc…). Access or download the catalogue: click here. Article … Continued

Pipex Italia at Made in Steel 2023

As per tradition, we will again be participating in Made in Steel 2023. The international Conference & Exhibition dedicated to the steel supply chain, which this year marks its tenth edition, will take place on 9-10-11 May 2023 at Fieramilano Rho, Milan. The members of our team will be ready to welcome you cordially at … Continued

Product Carbon Footprint – billets

The development of new economic models focused on environmental sustainability is a theme that has become central in commercial relations. The steel world in particular is today engaged in a transformation aimed at the production of an increasingly sustainable steel. An essential starting point for any initiative is the mapping of one’s own emissions. Both … Continued

Luigi Cuzzolin for La Stampa – business and energy crisis

Our CEO Luigi Cuzzolin sums up, in the Italian newspaper “La Stampa“, the industrial situation and how his group Železiarne Podbrezová is facing the energy crisis. We report below the translation of the article by Valentina Sarmenghi. Pipex Italia, synergies with Slovakia help not to feel the energy crisis From an economic point of view, … Continued

ZP builds the largest photovoltaic power plant in Slovakia

The largest photovoltaic power plant in Slovakia will be built on the roofs of our production halls. The current energy crisis is one of the most discussed topics today. The rising energy prices, raise concerns about their impact on economy for the coming years. The search for alternative sources, while addressing climate change threat, is … Continued

Our week at Tube 2022

The week of the Wire & Tube 2022 international fair, which was held in Düsseldorf from 20 to 24 June, has just ended. As per tradition, Pipex Italia was present in the role of exhibitor, together with our parent company, Železiarne Podbrezová. Eventful days, during which we met people with whom we have been collaborating … Continued

Tube Unit Converter: ZP’s new app

Our parent company Železiarne Podbrezová (ZP) created its first app: Tube Unit Converter. The application allows you to convert imperial units into metric units for a wide variety of steel tubes. It also includes useful cost formulas and technical specifications. The aim is to simplify navigation in the ZP product portfolio for all customers from … Continued