Mission and Values

Worldwide sales marketing & distribution organization

Pipex Italia is one of the utmost sales and marketing organizations in the steel pipe industry, operating all over the world.

We are the main salesforce branch of Zeleziarne Podbrezova Group, a top full-cycle producer of steel tube and fittings located in the European Union.

With a 20 years’ experience, we stock and distribute Zeleziarne Podbrezova products as well as steel goods made by the biggest worldwide companies that complete Pipex’ products size range.

With the recent merger with TS Steel Pipe & Fittings and its large warehouse, we are now able to autonomously fulfill customers’ special requirements concerning tube delivery, such as precise lengths, special packaging and marking.

Caring for customer

Our mission is to work daily for a full understanding and evaluation of customer’s needs to provide them with complete commercial and service support and aiming to build up trusted and long term business relationships.

Internationally known for our multi-language organization, the technical expertise and the broad competences on legal aspects of diverse geographical markets, we grant accurate delivery coverage on a global scale.
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