Continuous casting billets: high quality, high yield

Everything starts from continuous casting. It is a fundamental product for obtaining semi-finished products that are used in various diverse industry sectors.

The greatest consumption of the parts obtained from continuous casting material is present in the petrochemical industry. In this specific industry, the protagonist is the flange: a part used to connect pipes and valves.

Another sector of use is that of earthmoving, where the fundamental pieces are the drive rollers for the movement of the track and the front and rear toothed wheels which will become fundamental parts of the escavators.

Moreover, there is the field of agricultural machinery where the pieces produced are all those molded parts that have a large central hole such as joints, levers and forks. Continous casting o billet is also used for the hot forging of semi-finished for the railway sector (joints, levers...) and has recently been widely used in wind power.

The steel grades mainly used for the production of parts are: C45, 20MnCr5 adn 42CrMo4. International companies, mainly, have always been strongly oriented towards the consumption of continous casting and in particular, certain areas such as the Italian one have particularly suffered from the lack of quality producers in the medium-small size range.

Zeleziarne podbrezova, with an annual production capacity of 380,000 tons of steel blooms and billets, was immediately well received by consumers through Pipex Italia. This is because ZP can guarantee an excellent product with certainly quality feautures and a dimensiona range from 105 to 280 mm, with square and round sections.

Customers have known and have started to appreciate the perfect straightness of round bars and billets and the central health of them (when the bar is cut, there is no small hole inside).

Because of the quality of the products offered, ZP has won the trust of customers also thanks to the excellent planning of production and deliveries.

Square Section Billets

Round Section BIllets

Article written by:

Marco Chiaramello
Product Manager @Pipex Italia

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Article published on 30/04/2021

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