A chat with... Tom-Ferr

Tom-Ferr recently joined the Zeleziarne Podbrezova Group.

This video interview, made by Raffaella Poggio for Pipex Italia to Nora Laczkò, Chief of Sales & Marketing Dept. Tom-Ferr, focuses on prospects and developments of Tom-Ferr’s entry into the ZP group. Tom-Ferr is a Hungarian company; leader in the production of pipes for constructions, heating systems and fire extinguishing systems (sprinklers).

In addition to the above-mentioned divisions, there is a specific one of the company's product portfolio aimed at the automotive sector. For this segment, Tom-Ferr produces and market around 15 million pieces per year (windshield wiper hoses, bumper suspensions, seat frames, etc.).

Tom-Ferr’s products can be found in car brands like Volkswagen, and Audi. In 2018, Tom-Ferr was elected "global supplier of the year" for KIRCHOFF Automotive, one of the most important and renowned German companies in the automotive sector in terms of stability and safety.

Tom-Ferr will certainly add value to the ZP Group given its deep-rooted presence in the Hungarian national market as underlined by 35% of its revenues deriving from the sale of steel pipes within national borders. Furthermore, Tom Ferr is very capable in creating and developing new and important trade relations among Central and Eastern European markets.


Privately owned Tom-Ferr Plc. established in 1994 with headquarters in Budapest is one of the biggest steel tube wholesaler in Hungary with 6.000 tons of inventory on stock and yearly turnover of 16.758.755 EUR. The expansion in 2008 into the automotive segment brought Tom-Ferr Automotive Plc. the possibility to produce yearly over 7 million parts for new car models for the worldwide automotive market.

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Pipex Italia

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Article published on 04/03/2021

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